Importance of Empowering Women

womenWhen you hear about women empowerment, what comes to your mind? Is it freedom on the choices women make? Is it women movement, equality or providing a brighter future for our little girls? When we talk about women empowerment, all these aspects come into play. Women empowerment refers to the act of creating an environment for women where they can make decisions on their own and have these decisions impact positively on their personal growth as well as growth from a society perspective.

The idea of women empowerment hails from increasingly providing and improving economic, social, political and legal strengths to women. It aims at ensuring equal rights to women and making them confident in the decisions they make. This empowerment helps in decreasing the disparities between om gender on matters of education. It also decreases inequalities between men and women by increasing empowerment in the fields of political, economic and social life of girls and women.

Importance of Women Empowerment


Women are equally as capable as men. They are competent and intelligent. These days, women have even made huge strides than men in many socio-economic aspects. Their population constitutes to 50 percent of the world’s population. A large number of this percentage is unemployed. The world’s economy suffers a lot when a vast population of women is uneducated, unemployed and underprivileged. When we empower women, we empower the world.

Human Rights

Human rights and individual rights are an essential aspect of the growth of humans. Women need to be given space and room to express their thoughts and opinions freely without any form of restriction. We can make women more empowered by imparting self-confidence in the decisions they make. Women should be made to understand their rights and social positions they are entitled to in the constitution.

Educational Empowerment

An educated woman is a wise woman. Educate women and solve 50 percent of the issues and problems affecting the world today. When you educate women, you give them a chance to grab the knowledge and skills such as expertise and self-confidence that is necessary for their growth and development. The girl child should be empowered and educated to face the world’s challenges.

Political Empowerment

Women should be encouraged to join political systems that support them to make political decisions in governance. Political empowerment also helps women get the necessary legal knowledge and spread such awareness among other women in advocating for their constitutional rights and preventing exploitation.




Common Types of Abuse towards Women


women abuseThe commonly used and accepted definition of abuse is a pattern of behavior used by one person to gain or maintain power over another. The most important thing to note is that we are talking about a pattern of behavior and not just a onetime incidence.

Abuse against women takes different forms. Regardless of if it’s emotional, physical or whether it takes other forms, abuse always takes and follows an escalating pattern with the controlling behaviors worsening over time. The abusive partner may use oppressive means and systems to assert his or her authority over the other partner.

Let us look closer to these types of abuses.



Physical abuse is the most common type of abuse people think about when they hear the word ‘abuse.’ Physical abuse may include patterns such as hitting, slapping, burning, kicking, punching, strangulation, damaging personal property, refusing the other partner medical care or controlling medication, using weapons or coercing a partner into substance abuse.


Sexual Abuse

Sometimes, sexual abuse can take the form of physical violence. However, it gets its category as sexual abuse. This form of abuse can include a rape act or other forced sexual acts. It can also be withholding or using sex as a weapon of influence over your partner. An abusive partner may use sex as a means of judging their partner or assigning them a value to undermine them, hence make them suffer emotional torture. When it comes to criticism about sex, one partner may brand the other not good enough on matters sex. Since sex is loaded with psychological and cultural implications, its abuse can have a damaging effect.

Mental and Psychological Torture

mental abusePsychiatric and psychological torture happens when one person uses words that are meant to wear down the emotional well-being and health of the other partner. It always involves making your target doubt their sanity. With this form of abuse, the abuser tends to use their influence on words to make their victims have a lack of trust in their judgement and trust the judgment of the abuser.


Verbal and Emotional Abuse

Verbal abuse involves abuse that is caused by the use of harsh and damaging words on your partner. On the same note, emotional abuse may include the use of words that are cunningly crafted to create the desired influence over a situation. It may involve the use of lies that makes the other partner imagine things that otherwise would not be realistic. The effects and signs of emotional abuse may be harder to spot, by people outside your family. Worst about it is that emotional scars take such a long time to heal.

Financial and Economic Abuse

Abuse is all about power and control, and abusers use all means possible to control their victims. One of the most common ways involves using economic and financial position to abuse the other person. It may include managing all the budgeting and denying the victim access to their bank accounts, money, and financial statements. This type of abuse is among the reasons why some people are not able to walk away from their abusive relationships.